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Betting Bankroll


Average Profit/Week

What to expect

  • Setup accounts with 12 bookies
  • Basics of betting markets
  • Basics of the maths behind betting
  • Basics of placing bets
  • Stake sizing key principles
  • Why bookies offer promotions
  • Basics of promo account sustainability
  • The bookie landscape in Australia
  • Key traps in the tipping industry to avoid
  • Core basics behind the racing, sport, bonus bet models


Betting Bankroll


Average Profit/Week

What to expect

  • How to define edge
  • Betfair risk management trading
  • How bookies use margin and skewness in pricing
  • The mathematics behind bonus bets
  • Churning bonus bets into cash
  • Core trading psychological biases to be aware of
  • Measuring performance: Sharpe, Sortino, ROI, POT, Strike rate, performance attribution


Betting Bankroll


Average Profit/Week

What to expect

  • Setting up additional accounts for scaling
  • Betfair advanced trading skills and tools
  • Portfolio risk trading skills in Betfair
  • Advanced methods for staying under the radar from bookies
  • Advanced scaling methods
  • Advanced stake sizing: Kelly Criterion
  • Advanced trading psychological approaches


Betting Bankroll


Average Profit/Week

What to expect

Advanced scaling methods

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