Responsible Gambling Information, Acknowledgements, Warranties & Disclaimers

Effective date: May 18, 2020

1. Acceptance

By accessing and/or using the Services, Alerts and/or Platform, whether as a paying member, on a promotional or trial basis or otherwise, you agree to, acknowledge and accept the following warranties and disclaimers (the Disclaimers) in addition to the Terms of Service. The ‘Definitions and interpretation’ and ‘General’ provisions in the Terms of Service apply to these Disclaimers. You must review these Disclaimers carefully and you must immediately cease using the Services, Alerts and Platform if you do not agree to them or accept them.

2. Responsible gambling

  1. It is your responsibility to:
    1. control how much time and money you spend on gambling;
    2. see gambling as a form of entertainment, not a way to make money;
    3. only gamble with money you can afford to lose;
    4. know and accept the odds;
    5. understand your chances of winning; and
    6. not go back next time to try and win back your losses.
  2. If you would like to be permanently excluded from using the Services please email
  3. Please seek help if you need to – the following providers may be able to assist you:
    Gamble Aware
    Beyond Blue

3. Warranties and disclaimers

You warrant, accept, acknowledge and agree to the following and you acknowledge that EA relies on the following when providing the Services to you:

  1. You are 18 years of age or older and you are a resident of Australia.
  2. EA does not offer betting, wagering or gambling services nor does EA wager or place bets on your behalf or as your agent.
  3. Your use of the Services and Platform is recreational only and not for investment, commercial of business purposes.
  4. You must not share your access to the Services, Alerts or Platform with anyone.
  5. You warrant that you have no affiliation with any bookmaker, betting exchange, gaming operator, or any organisation that accepts bets or wagers.
  6. You must obtain your own independent taxation and financial advice in relation to your use of the Services before you use our Services.
  7. EA does not provide investment, strategic or gaming advice nor advise you on the volume, frequency, amount or scalability of your bets.
  8. You are responsible for determining whether any betting, wagering or gambling services you use are lawful and if your participation in them is lawful.
  9. The Services and Alerts are educational and for informational purposes only. EA does not provide you with any advisory services and you warrant that you assess each Alert provided to you before acting on it or not acting on it.
  10. EA does not guarantee the availability of the Service, Platform or Alerts, the frequency of Alerts or the potential minimum profits Alerts may deliver. The track record or results EA provides is for informational purposes only and does not reflect real world profits.
  11. The decision to act on or not act on Alerts is entirely at your discretion and based on your own assessment of your financial position and disposable income.
  12. There is no guarantee you will achieve any particular result or profit from your use of the Services. As with all gaming and wagering, you may lose some or all of your money.
  13. EA does not underwrite, guarantee or indemnify you for any lost bets or losses.
  14. EA makes a number of assumptions based on historical data when providing the Services and generating the Alerts. Those assumptions may not be accurate. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.
  15. An Alert cannot and does not contain all of the information necessary for you to make a decision as to whether to place a bet or not. The information used to provide the Alerts is generated by third parties such as book makers, betting exchanges and other third parties and EA does not guarantee that you will receive all information that may impact your decision to place a bet or not (e.g. weather forecasts, behaviour of animals or persons before a race or other Force Majeure Events).
  16. You acknowledge that there are a number of variables outside of EA’s and your control such as the behaviour of bookmakers (e.g. not accepting bets or closing your account) and the availability of various services that support the Platform (such as internet service providers, third party messaging services and other third party software such as a bookmaker’s app).
  17. EA does not actively monitor or supervise your use of the Services or the Alerts, the manner in which you apply the Alerts or place bets. EA does not monitor the financial or social impact gambling and wagering may have on you.
  18. You warrant you have experience with gambling, wagering and betting and you acknowledge that you may be banned from third party service providers’ services (such as bookmakers) for a number of reasons including if you are perceived to be more successful with your bets than average. Although you may be able to maintain the sustainability of your accounts with third parties, EA takes no responsibility for any ban you may be subject to or your inability to use such third party services.
  19. EA does not guarantee that the Service, Alerts or Platform will be free error (such as typographical error, technical error, data corruption or an error in the integration of the Services or the Platform with third party service providers’ portals, accounts and platforms) or up to date and accurate. The Service is subject to short term fluctuations.
  20. You acknowledge that EA is entitled to cease providing the Services, Platform and/or Alerts to you at EA’s absolute discretion.
  21. You may be permitted to link your account with EA to third party service providers (such as betting exchanges and bookmakers) and place bets or wagers with third party service providers via the Platform. This link is only provided to facilitate your use of third party service providers’ services via the Platform. EA does not monitor or supervise your placement of bets or wagers via the Platform or guarantee this link will be operational at all times or free from error. When you place a bet or wager via the Platform with a third party, your contractual relationship with respect to betting and wagering is solely between such third party service provider and you. EA is not liable to you to pay out winnings or reimburse you for any losses in relation to those wagers or bets.