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by | 18 Feb 2021



On February the 8th Edge Alerter launched a new “Sport Alerts” membership category. 

Members will receive alerts on the best sport promotions, excluding Same Game Multi promotions (the SGM membership category is a separate membership category). 

The typical promotions that will be targeted will be: 

  • Lead at half time but don’t win. 
  • Lead by X at half time to get paid out early payout. 
  • Lead by 4 games in any set of tennis to get paid out. 
  • Win by X to double your winnings. 

How the models work for this membership category

The models will identify the best value teams/players to back on the above promotions, including hedge legs with other bookies to: 

1. Maximise return while minimising risk.

2. Increase non-promo turnover with bookies

(to help look like a mug punter and increase promo account sustainability).

Who this membership is suited to

This membership category is best suited to members who are looking to build an early betting bankroll as the promotions have significant edge. This will then allow members to better utilise the more scalable membership categories such as Platinum Racing and Same Game Multis. 



An average of 6 sport tips per week 

Expected profit of $250 per week 


$50 / week

$25 / week

(For the first month – $50/week thereafter)

Keen to get on board?

Message me on the details below


Message Joonas on @Joonas57


Joonas (Founder of Edge Alerter) 

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How it works

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