How To Outsmart Bookmakers on Same Game Multis

by | 25 Aug 2020

Currently Australian bookmakers are offering a significant number of “same game multi promotions” whereby if one leg fails the bettor gets their stake back as a bonus bet (up to $50). For the astute bettor these are a great opportunity to make over 30% profit on turnover.

Read on to learn how…

Step 1

Click the Same Game Multi button with the bookie.

Step 2

Find the match winner market with the bookie.

Step 3

Compare bookie odds with the lay price on Betfair, and back the favourite if it’s within 10 cents of Betfair and in the $1.20-1.90 region.

Step 4

Find the total points market with the bookie and just back either the overs or the unders at $1.90.

Step 5

Find the player performance markets and back a player with odds in the $1.10-$1.50 region.


NOTE: if the player you back is on the team you backed then there will be odds reductions due to the positive correlation and if it’s on the opposing team there will be an odds boost. This is fine.

Step 6

Punch the above odds that you backed into the Same Game Multi Calculator along with the Betfair lay price on the winner market, $2 as the Betfair total points lay price, and add 10 cents for the player market to calculate the total expected edge.


Note: You need to be a member to receive the Same Game Multi Calculator.

The biggest risk with the above framework is the total overs/unders not winning, so if you have access to multiple bookies with Same Game Multis then one angle is to simply back the same combination using the over with one bookie and the under with the other bookie.


If you’d like to learn about the mathematics behind Same Game Multis watch this explainer video.

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