Catching Up With CUB – The Business of Sports Bets

by | 9 Feb 2023

Daniel catches up with Joonas Karppinen, Founder of sport and racing tipping service Edge Alerter. With the highest profit on turnover in the industry, Joonas serves his members with the latest and most informative tips, giving them an edge in their bets.

With his extensive background in financial markets and professional betting, Joonas passes on his life lessons, highlighting the value of experimenting and growing organically with your business in the early stages, and why you need to be aware of the dangers of cognitive bias.

Podcast timecodes for easy reference:
00:14 Introducing Joonas
00:35 Topics covered in this podcast
01:15 Punters and punting culture in Australia
04:28 What is Edge Alerter and how does it work?
07:20 Insights into bonus bets
08:30 Get to know Joonas better
20:43 What is a bookmaker?
23:36 Why choose the gambling industry?
26:00 The Edge Alerter business model
26:56 Deciding to leave Bet365
28:00 Market analysis and how Edge Alerter started
30:54 Market research of the betting landscape in Australia
32:05 Affiliate tipsters
34:20 How Edge Alerter expanded
35:12 Starting small and expanding naturally
38:15 Joonas’ vision for the future and new Edge Alerter services
40:57 Promotions: an integral part of the betting industry
47:44 What is Telegram and why does Edge Alerter use it?
48:30 Betting Education: Edge Alerter’s 7-Day Betting Course and Free Trial
52:35 Cognitive and other bias
58:14 Wide vision for success
58:58 How to try Edge Alerter for free and get in touch with Joonas

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