Edge Alerter 7-Day Accelerator

Learn the system that outsmart bookies on sport and racing promotions and wins 30%+ on turnover – destroying the bookies.

The system was created by a Sydney-based professional derivatives trader and former senior trader at Bet365.

The curriculum is as follows:

Day 1

  • Explains why there is an opportunity right now with so many bookies offering promotions and fighting for market share.
  • Outlines how the Edge Alerter system works and what to do to get started.

Day 2

  • Goes through the bookmaker landscape in Australia and what's relevant to bettors.
  • Explains how bookmakers make money, how margin works, and how bookies skew prices against bettors.
  • Reveals the most common trick bookies use in racing promotions.

Day 3

  • Details how to optimise first deposit bonuses with bookies (this is free money).
  • Explains the importance of promotion account sustainability.
  • Reveals how bookies profile new customer accounts.

Day 4

  • Explains the mathematics behind how to stake size correctly.
  • Introduces Kelly Criterion and how it’s applicable to betting.
  • Explains the common pitfalls of many other tipping/betting/trading services.

Day 5

  • Outlines three key tools for bettors.
  • 1. Betfair
  • 2. Oddschecker.com
  • 3. Ghost VPN

Day 6

  • Explains the best two methods to convert bonus bets into cash. These methods convert bonuses into cash at 90%+ while the average Aussie punter converts at 25%.
  • Outlines the key psychological principles in betting and in finance.
  • Summarises how professional bettors approach betting days from a psychological and execution standpoint.

Day 7

  • Summarises the key principles learnt in the first 6 days.
  • Outlines the most common traps to avoid in the betting industry.

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