Weirdest Superstitions in Sports Betting History

by | 2 Jul 2022

Superstitions are a natural part of any culture. Whether you’re a sceptic or not, chances are you have followed one superstition or another just to get through a big event without anything going wrong. Sports bettors are no exception!

Whether it’s placing a friendly wager with friends or making more substantial bets online or at a casino, there’s a thrill in predicting the results of a game and potentially winning big. However, many bettors have some rather strange superstitions that they believe can help bring them good luck in a game. Here are some of the more unusual beliefs encountered in the world of sports betting.

No Using of $50 Bills

Some sports bettors refuse to use $50 bills when they place bets. Why? The belief is that $50 notes are unlucky and possessing them will bring bad luck. The origin of this superstition is somewhat unclear.

Some believe it’s because the $50 note features Ulysses S. Grant, who was once fined $50 for speeding on his horse. Others point to the fact that $50 is the lowest denomination of U.S. currency printed in blue ink, which is sometimes associated with mourning. Regardless of how this superstition came about, many bettors will do anything to avoid having $50 bills in their possession while betting.

Don’t Say “Good Luck”

Another curious superstition among sports bettors is the inability to say “good luck” to fellow bettors or athletes. It’s considered bad luck to give someone else good fortune. Instead, many prefer to say “break a leg” or “stay lucky” or some other equivalent. Some even believe that saying “good luck” before placing a bet can reverse their fortunes and bring about a losing streak. 

Walking Backwards

Some sports bettors believe that walking backwards while placing their bets can bring them luck. They interpret walking backwards as a way to reverse any negative energy or bad luck that might be associated with their wagers. By physically moving in the opposite direction, they hope to change the course of fortune and increase their chances of winning.

The “Hot Hand” Theory

The “hot hand” theory is a commonly held belief among sports bettors. It’s the idea that a player who has had a string of successful performances is likely to continue that trend in future games. In other words, if a particular player is on a hot streak, betting on them to continue their winning ways can be a smart bet. However, research suggests that this theory is largely a myth. Studies have shown that players don’t necessarily maintain their level of performance over time and can experience slumps just as easily as hot streaks.

Number 17

While the origins of this superstition are unclear, many sports bettors consider the number 17 to be lucky. The number has no obvious correlation to sports or betting, yet many believe that it can bring good luck. Some even go so far as to target betting opportunities with a connection to the number 17 or bet on the 17th day of the month, claiming that doing so can increase their odds of success.

The Effectivity of Superstitions on Sports Bets

Obviously, following certain superstitions doesn’t grant anyone a sure win, but having such tricks and charms in your pocket can sometimes help boost your confidence, shake off anxiety, and enhance the experience entirely. Whether it’s avoiding $50 bills or betting on the 17th, these beliefs can add an extra layer of excitement to the process. It certainly can’t hurt to try! At the end of the day, a sound betting strategy and a bit of luck are the only factors that will lead to success.

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