Top 3 Sports for Successful Arbitrage Betting

by | 15 Apr 2022

Arbitrage betting is regarded as one of the most profitable and low-risk betting strategies. It involves bettors betting on the same market with different bookies and taking advantage of the discrepancies in the odds by covering all potential outcomes.

The reality is that there are various sports and leagues that can be used for arbitrage betting. However, there are some sports that are more suitable than others for arbitrage betting. Depending on the sport you choose, the profits you gain from arbitrage betting can vary. 

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As such, it is essential to know what sports are best for this type of betting. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top three sports for successful arbitrage betting: 

1. Football

Football is the most popular sport in the world. With so many competitions available, it is easier to find value in different markets than it would be with other sports such as tennis or golf.

Why Is Football Ideal For Arbitrage Betting?

Football is one of the best sports for arbitrage betting because there are hundreds of football leagues and tournaments taking place every year. This allows bettors multiple opportunities to place their tips on almost every possible event in any league.

For example, goal-goal or goal-no-goal markets offer the best scenarios for arbitrage. In these kinds of markets, the win/lose probability is 50–50. This means if you have multiple bookies and place a stake in either market, you will win either way.

It is worth noting that while arbitrage betting is not considered illegal, bookies tend to try to stop it from happening through various measures such as limiting accounts or cancelling bets.

However, in football markets, you are less likely to be limited because of the massive number of people betting on the sport. 

2. Basketball

Basketball is also one of the most popular sports in the world. The NBA has grown to become a global brand, and this popularity has meant that bookies have started offering basketball markets for all kinds of competitions.  

Why Is Basketball Ideal For Arbitrage Betting?

With basketball being one of the most popular sports on the planet, it’s not difficult to find odds and markets for any competition you want to bet on. Similar to football, there are a large number of leagues, tournaments, and competitions that you can bet on.

The great thing about basketball is that there are a lot of arbing opportunities to be found. Some popular examples of the kinds of markets you can expect in basketball include moneyline bets, over-under bets, or point spreads.

Although, it would definitely help to have a good understanding of the game before you start betting. This can help you acquire an advantage over other bettors by accounting for factors that are not readily apparent to the average bettor. 

3. Tennis

Along with football and basketball, tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. The main reason for this is that it’s relatively easy to follow and understand, even if you don’t have much experience with tennis.

Why Is Tennis Ideal For Arbitrage Betting?

Tennis is a fast-paced game with an unpredictable outcome, with game-winning shots that can happen at any time. This makes it almost impossible for bookies to adjust their odds quickly enough, which in turn creates arbitrage opportunities.

A tennis match is a good example of a market with only 2 possible outcomes. If you place bets on either player A or B, half of your wagers will be winners.

If your analysis is good, this sort of arbitrage can provide solid returns, especially if it’s done across multiple bookies. 


Arbitrage betting can be a profitable and low-risk strategy for sports bettors looking to get immediate returns on their investments. While there are other sports that can also be suitable for arbitrage, football, basketball, and tennis stand out as the top three options.

It is also worth remembering that although arbitrage betting is not illegal, bookies make an effort to limit accounts or cancel their bets if they are suspected of participating in arbitrage betting. As such, bettors should take measures to ensure that their accounts are not flagged by the bookies they use. 

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