The Current State of the Sport and Racing Tipping Industry in Australia – January 2021

by | 21 Jan 2021


Tipping providers: Just over 100 “tipping services in Australia”
Followers: 800k Australians following tipping services
Claim to be “Australia’s Best” tipping service
Only 10% provide a track record of their performance
35% are affiliates, which means they get paid when punters they refer lose
60% of affiliates don’t disclose that they are affiliates
Affiliate and no track record: 250k Australians are following
Affiliate with a track record: 50k Australians are following
Non-affiliate with no track record: 200k Australians are following
Australian tipping service members are getting fleeced
Typical conversations between punters and tipping services
Tipping service that is an affiliate with 20k followers that constantly claims to “be on fire”

Yet when we asked for their track record they didn’t provide it but just said…

Tipping service that is an affiliate with over 100k followers, claiming to be Australia’s #1 tipping service

They claimed 72% profitability, but when we asked them what that 72% meant more specifically they banned us from their page.

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