Record Breaking Day 04/12/21

by | 10 Dec 2021


Hey guys, Joonas here, the founder of Edge Alerter. Last Saturday we had our biggest day ever in terms of profitability. I’ve been getting a lot of messages so I thought I’d just quickly record a video. We went up a spectacular 37 units on Saturday and in fact, over the 48 hours from Friday night’s session to Sunday night we were up 65 units so it was a ridiculous 48hour period. From the total of 56 tips we had 30 winners, just 8 losses and 18 bonus bets back. The average price of the winners is actually higher than the average that we normally have so this is a ridiculously good 48hour period. As long-term members, we don’t boast about short term results but this was just such a special weekend that we thought we would create a quick highlights reel of that. In terms of the edge in the market at the moment, leading into Christmas and New Year, the bookies are continuing to offer a huge edge so they’re not going to turn the tap off, there’s more to come. We’ve got Big Bash starting now as well and we’re expecting some good promos there. Enjoy the highlights video.

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