Promo banned by some bookies? We have a solution.

by | 4 Jun 2021

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A common question we get is: What should I do if I’m promo banned by certain bookies? 

By “promo banned” we refer to when bookies make certain customers ineligible for promotions.

As long term Edge Alerter members will know, the bookies offer promotions as a way to entice new customers and also to retain their existing customers. 99.5% of bettors lose in the long run, plus the average conversion of bonuses to cash is 25%, so the bookies are happy to dish out bonus bet promotions.

Further to this, the bookies have a lot of power over “normal punters” through various tactics such as surveying IP addresses, links to profitable bettors, device IDs, displaying un-tradable prices, all with the intention of taking money from bettors. It’s quite scandalous what the bookies get away with.

With all of this profiling they’re essentially trying to work out whether a bettor is likely to be a long term winning or losing punter, and if they get a little evidence that you’re likely to be a long term winner, they can do various things from banning you from promotions to banning you and anyone linked to you from betting altogether. Quite spectacular, right!

Edge Alerter members are able to yield significant edge from most bookies, especially when utilising our Promo Account Sustainability principles, but sometimes the bookies do sweeps of promo bans (Pointsbet, NEDs, Ladbrokes are the fastest). 

So the question then is what you can do if you’re promo banned from a bookie, especially a top shelf bookie such as Sportsbet or TAB?

The best thing to do is get friends/family to open up betting accounts that you can then bet through. This instantly gets you access to not only bonus bet promotions but also first deposit offers (see here). 


The Key Basic Steps…

1. Choose a mate who doesn't live at the same address.

2. Get your mate to open the account and not deposit straight away as they'll likely get offered some first deposit bonus offers (see the list of deposit offers). 

3. Send your mate cash to their bank account, and get your mate to use their own bank account/credit card to deposit into the bookie accounts.

4. Once the account is live, get your mate to send you the login details and use their account using incognito browser on your phone or computer (do not use apps).

The key theme with all of the above is to avoid any links between your mate and yourself, which is why we suggest things like avoiding address links, bank/credit card links, device ID links.

Once you’ve done the above, simply warm up the accounts using our standard Promotional Account Sustainability methods for a few days and you’ll be good to go.

Many Edge Alerter members, especially advanced Scaler members (they average $2k+ per week), have had significant success with the above method.

So the great news is that you can still utilise the Edge Alerter system to earn a significant side income even if you get promo banned, boom!

It’s also worth noting that members also get access to more advanced methods of scaling this method.

If you have any questions just message me on Telegram on @Joonas57

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