New platform – Sneak Peek

by | 3 Dec 2021

As mentioned in previous weeks, we’ve been working hard in the background to developer Edge Alerter version 2.0, and it’s all undergoing testing now.

The aim of the 2.0 platform is not to be a nice shiny new object, but rather to be 100% practical so that members can make more profit.

1) Profit Tracker

Based on our surveys, over 70% of members are tracking their bets using their own spreadsheets. This is obviously a significant duplication of work by members, so having a portal that has all the tips auto-populate will streamline things for members.

But the above just scrapes the surface, as we’ll then make it super easy for members to work out what their promo vs non-promo turnover ratio is, what their rolling profit/loss is with each bookie, and what the optimal current stake size is etc.

    The key aims are:

    1. Better profit/loss measurement for each member;
    2. More control over account sustainability.

    With #2 above, we’ll essentially be building in the logic that the bookies use to profile customers so that members remain one step ahead of the bookies.

    2) Referral Cash Rebates

    We’ve worked with the payments platform we use, Stripe, to allow members to be able to get cash rebates directly into the account their credit card is linked to.

    Members will be able to send their own unique Edge Alerter membership link to potential member prospects, giving the referral a discount for joining, and giving the member monthly cash rebates for however long the members remain on board. This can potentially be a nice income generator for members too.

    3) Betting Tools

    We’ve been developing some new betting tools that will be more user friendly on a mobile device.

    The primary themes amongst these new tools are that they will help members convert bonuses more efficiently on their own, plus help with understanding the portfolio position in golf tournaments.

    4) Sharp Mug Alerts Membership

    Due to significant demand, we’ll be launching this new membership category.

    A common question we get is “how do I do enough non-promo turnover without losing too much?”.

    This membership category has three goals:

    1. Target a profit on turnover (POT) of 0%.
    2. Help make the accounts of members look like “mug accounts”.
    3. Use these alerts to hedge out golf positions, which will reduce risk in golf positions while at the same time increasing “mug flow”.

    In order to succeed with above, we’ll be using Edge Alerter’s balance sheet to manipulate Betfair, to help make it look like the tips we send out are poor value bets. These days bookmaking isn’t such a game of pricing skill, but more about marketing and CRM effectiveness, and the important thing to know is that the bookies frequently use the pricing in Betfair for their own pricing (it’s lazy but this is what they do).

    Don’t worry, manipulating Betfair isn’t illegal, and in fact the bookies (mainly tier 2 and 3 bookies) plus big betting syndicates manipulate Betfair all the time.


    So in summary, we have some very exciting new products about to launch. We’re working on testing things as fast as we can, and I’ll have more updates in the upcoming weeks.

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    FREE 7-Day Trial

    Try our entire system for free for 7 days.

    FREE 7-Day Trial

    Try our entire system for free for 7 days.