Profit Tracker

Feature Overview

1. Menu
Use the menu system to easily navigate to the different features within the Profit Tracker

2. Overview of your profits
See an overview of your profits at a glance for this mont, last month and overall.

3. Suggested stake size
This is a recommendation based on a number of factors suited to your specific profile.

4. Cumulative Profit Chart
Your personal cumulative profit chart since you started adding data to the system.

5. Cumulative Profit Chart per Bookie
Your personal cumulative profit chart broken down per bookie since you started adding data to the system.

6. Bookie Balances
Your current bookie balances taking into consideration your original starting balance (added for each bookie in the “Manage My Bookies” section) and your bets added in “Profit Tracker > Track My Bets”

7-11 Promo vs Non-promo per Bookie over time
Your promo vs non-promo bets placed with each bookie over a range of time periods including lifetime, last 90 days, last 30 days, last 7 days and last 1 day.

Track My Bets

1. Edit date range
By defaut we show the last 7 days. You can edit the date range by selecting the start and end date and then click on “Apply Date”. Currently you can view a maximum of the last 30 days of historical bets.

2. Bulk delete bets
In order to save your bets you need to ensure that there are no auto-populated tips that aren’t completed. If you didn’t bet on multiple tips, use this bulk delete feature to delete multiple tips in one go.

3. Save Changes
Use the save changes buttons at the top or bottom of the page to save your changes.

4. Edit bets
Complete each bet by adding the relevant data to each auto-populated tip.

5. Delete tip
You can delete single tips by clicking the “X”.

6. Add custom bet
You can also add any custom bets that you have placed by clicking this button and then completing all the data.

Manage My Bookies

Select bookies you have accounts with a complete some basic data for each. This allows us to give recommendations tailored to your specific profile.