I am Overseas, can I still use this system?
While our racing model currently only caters to the Australian market, we are launching an International Sports membership in July. Join the waitlist here.
How do I know which races will be covered?

Each morning we send out that day’s racing schedule, which includes the time of the race and which bookmaker(s) are offering a promotion.

When do I receive the signals?

Racing signals typically arrive in telegram 60-30s before the scheduled start time of a race. Racing bonus bet tips are also sent for Wednesday and Saturday racing, and these land in Telegram 1-2 minutes before the scheduled start time of a race.

I have signed up to the Same Game Multi Alerts, which sports do you cover and when do I receive these selections?
We currently cover most NRL and AFL matches, with multiple bookmakers. There are also seasonal promotions in US sports such as NFL and NBA with select bookmakers. Our SGMs are sent out at least 1 hour before the scheduled start time of each event.
The signal read “Nature Strip 3.2” however the price has come in to $3.00, should I still back it?
If you are able to get on at the quoted prices, the long term profit on turnover is 31%. It is okay to take 5-10% lower than this price, making your long term profit on turnover 21-26%.
Is there a recommended starting bankroll?
You can start with any sized bank, and we suggest placing 5% of your bank per race. Our results are based on a bankroll of $1000, which results in $50 bets per race.
My bankroll is $2000, should I place $100 bets?
The majority of the bookmaker bonus back promotions are capped at $50, however many members have success spreading their bets across multiple bookmakers on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It is not uncommon for most Saturday races to be covered by 5 or more bookmakers.

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