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by | 15 Jul 2021

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Watching live sports is fun, but that rush of excitement can be really amped-up when you have some money on the line. Whilst we all have our favourite teams to watch, unfortunately they don’t play every day of week, and when they do, they may not always perform. Subsequently, only 0.5% of bettors beat the bookies long term, however Edge Alerter seeks to combat this by empowering punters with the tips and education they need to beat the bookies.

Edge Alerter’s system allows its members to make significant income by following an algorithm that takes advantage of sport and racing promotions offered by bookmakers. Built on insights from the professional trading world and from within the bookmaking industry, the platform continually gives members an edge over the bookmakers. No intuition, no emotion, just cold hard maths. 100% independent and the best performing betting system in Australia, Edge Alerter uses a quantitative approach developed by professional Derivatives Trader and former Bet365 Senior Trader Joonas Karppinen.

Initially pursuing a career as a pro-golfer, Joonas decided to apply his love for numbers and interest in trying to find edges to study quantitative finance at the University of Sydney. Whilst still at university, Joonas landed himself a part-time job at Australia’s hedge fund of the year, Fortitude Capital, opening his eyes to the world of trading. Pursuing a new path, Joonas has spent the past ten years building an impressive trading career, five of which were spent as a Senior Trader for Bet365.

“I launched Edge Alerter two years ago, after being at the races to see Winx’s last run at Randwick,” Joonas recalls. “After helping mates make between $500-1,000 betting with very low risk, I thought maybe I could help others make a nice side income utilising the system I had created,” he states. Using his experience as a pro-trader and knowledge of the betting industry, Joonas developed a systematic approach to teach his members what tricks the bookies have and how to outsmart them.

“Over time I noticed members had a thirst for learning more about the industry and how professional trading concepts could be applied to take betting seriously and ultimately profiting,” Joonas says. “So, based on that, I built out and expanded on the material to build out a full betting educational platform.” Edge Alerter prides itself on its three educational pillars; The numerical components to betting, the psychology of betting (cognitive biases, how to optimise psychological approach to maximise betting performance), and how bookmakers operate, the tricks they play, and how to outsmart them. The best thing about the education Joonas provides is that they aren’t exclusive to wagering, but also applicable to investments and life in general.

Consequently, it should come as no surprise that Edge Alerter has been ranked the number one performing tipping service in Australia with a historical profit on turnover percentage of 31%. Approximately four million Australians routinely bet on sport or racing, and of those 20% seek assistance from tipping services. Although there are over 100 tipping services in Australia, more than 90% of these services are detrimental to performance as they either have no profitable track record or are affiliates for the bookmakers. Affiliates keep trailing losses of bettors they refer to bookmakers, creating a significant conflict of interest, since they sell their services as being profitable tipsters when in fact they profit from tipping losers.

Joonas states that “only 0.5% of bettors are long-term profitabile, as it is hard to take on the bookmakers, but it’s unfortunate that many of those who seek assistance with their betting are actually deceived by the many sub-par services out there. Edge Alerter combats this by being 100% independent, and equipping members to become more informed bettors.

Whether one simply wants to know the basics of the system, Edge Alerter can help you make a nice income on the side without having to think too much. Members such as these typically make between $400-600 profit per week on average for 4 hours of betting per week. Those interested in developing informed punting into a more sizable side-hustle are given the opportunity to learn the system in detail. Using Edge Alerter these members are able to scale their profits significantly, making an average of $1,000 per week with some bringing in well over $2,000 each week.

Whether for a bit of fun, or to help tip your finances in your favour, this former pro-golfer turned pro-trader has the solution for you.  To learn more from Joonas and Edge Alerter, click here, or to start your free trial with Edge Alerter, click here.

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