Looking for a new betting strategy? Try corner betting

by | 10 May 2024

There are many markets to explore when it comes to sports betting. One such market that offers a great opportunity. While often overlooked, corner betting can provide a distinct advantage for those who understand the dynamics of the game. 


What is corner betting?


Corner betting involves predicting the number of corners that will be awarded during a match. A corner is awarded when the ball goes out of play over the goal line, last touched by a defending player. 

Since corner bets mainly focus on numbers like totals and averages, bettors do not need to predict the match outcome or which team will receive the most corners. This aspect of corner betting can appeal to individuals seeking a more statistics-driven approach to wagering.

Additionally, only a small portion of the total betting money typically goes towards corner bets. 

Different types of corner bets


Total Corners Over/Under

This type of bet involves predicting whether the total number of corners awarded in a match will be over or under a specified number set by the sportsbook.


Corner Match Outcome

Here, you bet on which team will have more corners at the end of the match. This bet ignores the match outcome and focuses solely on the corner count.


Corner Race

In a corner race bet, you predict which team will reach a specific number of corners first. For example, you might wager on which team will reach 5 corners before the other.


Corner Handicap

With corner handicap bets, a virtual advantage or disadvantage is given to one of the teams in terms of corners. This introduces an element similar to handicap betting. For instance, a -1 corner handicap for Team A means they must win the corner count by two or more for the bet to be successful.


How to use corner bets successfully

Start by examining the average number of corners each team takes and concedes during a match. This data can provide insights into a team’s playing style: attacking teams tend to win more corners, while defensive teams may concede more.


When working with corner bets, consider factors such as home and away performance as teams often have varying corner statistics depending on their location. Some teams may be more aggressive when playing at home, aiming to dominate and win additional corner kicks.


Additionally, every team has a unique playing style that influences their corner opportunities. Some teams employ a direct, attacking approach, prioritizing crosses and set-pieces to create scoring chances. These teams are likely to generate a higher number of corners.


Conversely, defensive-minded teams may focus on disciplined defending and counter-attacking. Such teams may have a lower corner count, relying on quick and efficient movements rather than extended possession.


Studying the playing styles of opposing teams can help identify potential clashes in strategies. For example, when an attacking team faces a defensively solid opponent, it could lead to an increased number of corner kicks, making it an appealing opportunity for corner betting.


Corner betting strategies


To increase your chances of success in corner betting, consider employing a variety of strategies:


Research-based approach

Gather as much data as possible about team corners, paying attention to recent trends, head-to-head matchups, and historical statistics. This information can inform your betting decisions.


In-Play Betting

Corner betting can be particularly advantageous when done in-play. Watch the match closely, noting any significant developments that could affect corner opportunities. Take advantage of fluctuations in odds during the game to identify favourable moments for corner bets.


Asian handicap corners

This strategy involves giving one team a head start or a deficit before the match begins. Betting on corner handicaps can provide an additional layer of complexity and potentially higher odds.


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