How To Make $500 A Week Tax Free

by | 5 Jan 2022

Hey guys, Joonas here, the founder of Edge Alerter. In this blog, I’m going to go through How To Make $500 A Week Tax Free, for just three hours of work following the Edge Alerter system. Of the approximately 400 current Edge Alerter members, about half of those make close to 500 a week in profit. It’s very realistic for many so I thought I’d just record a quick video to really outline the simple steps to follow to be in that in that bracket of making 500 a week for just three hours of work.

For those not familiar, my background is in Quantitative Finance. I’ve been a professional Derivatives Trader for many years. I worked at Bet365 for five years and I’ve been betting successfully for many years. First thing on results, you know that we publish our results a lot and it’s purely because track record is everything. Another way to look at results as well as how achievable they are, is what are the assumptions there, how much bankroll do I need or how many accounts do I need, etc. My main point here is that we’ve got a very profitable long-term profit chart but there are little bumps along the way which we need to appreciate and we need to manage the risk on.

So what are the steps to making $500 a week in three hours tax free?

Step one: Getting set up with the right accounts. It’s a glorious time right now. There are so many bookies in Australia that they’re all battling for market share so we’re very lucky to have so many bookies out there just offering an outrageous amount of promotions that we can take advantage of.

Step two: This is about bankroll management and steak sizing to, again, manage the profit chart which charts upwards very nicely but if you zoom in on it there are little bumps along the way but it’s just about bankroll management and stake sizing that allows you to just ride out those little short runs of bad luck.

Step three: This is about turn over at the end of the day. When you’ve got a system that works really consistently over a long period of time, all it comes down to is a very simple formula which I’ll go through in a moment.

Step four: This is about sustainability, so the bookies can “promo ban” you if you just abuse promos. It’s important to have a split between promo and non-promo flow, essentially you don’t want to look like you’re abusing them on the promotions. You want to look like a recreational punter. We’ve got a fairly simple way to go about that and it’s also about spreading your betting across the bookies. I mentioned there are so many bookies at the moment and it’s a glorious time.


Step one, bookies, they’re about 18 of them. You can get first deposit bonus offers with these guys if you just wait a little bit and most of these offer a really good promotion. Getting set up with a bunch of accounts is step number one.

Step two is working out what your betting bankroll is so if you’ve got $500 to bet with, for example, we’re like OK, I’m happy to happy to allocate $500 for my betting. Then using the 5% rule, meaning that your stake size per bet is $25, as you’re betting bankroll goes up and down, just adjust that. If next week it’s $1000 then your stake size is $50. Then with the bonus bet tips these are the staking rules that we suggest. If we tip a bonus bet of $8, which is under $10, you can have a full bonus on it. If it’s between 10 and 20 you have a half and if it’s over 20 you have a quarter. Those are some simple rules to follow regarding stake sizing.

The next thing is that we do have those little bumps but the 5% rule allows you to overcome that really nicely. A table of the bonus bet tips will help you see that some weeks we don’t convert very well but we come out on top long-term. We’re converting bonuses into cash at 110%. If you backed them with cash you’d be winning at just over just over 19% profit on turnover. Those numbers are pretty conservative as well, especially with golf you can very often get 10% to 20% higher in terms of price if you look around. We just assume SportsBet’s price just to be somewhat conservative.

Step three, this is about doing a turnover and the math is pretty simple. With your Edge Alerter tips, your expected profit is simply going to be the betting turnover multiplied by 31%. If your betting turnover for the week is $1000, your expected profit from our tips is $310. Then the non-promo tips, if you’re betting simply on $1.90 line, you’re going to lose at 5.26%. Therefore, if you’ve got 50/50 flow on the sharp tips that we send out, at 31% profit turnover, half your flow is on minus 5.36%. These $1.90 lines are very easy to find and the bookies see them as mudflow, it’s like thanks for coming, especially on an NBA or NFL. If you got 50/50 flow on that you’ll win at 25.74% profit on turnover on your Edge Alerter tips. Whilst it’s a little drop, a drop of 5.26%, it’s an easy way to stay sustainable. Therefore, to make a $500 a week, you need to turnover $500 divided by 0.2574% which is $1943 in turnover. Then if you’re betting $50 stakes, that means you need to have 39 bets and if you’re betting $100 stakes, you need 19.5 bets. With a $100 bet you need to be getting on with 2 bookies for that. That’s just how it works. Just a little disclaimer, more of a true fact, with the bonus conversion with the bonus bet results, it is actually 110%, not 90%. Since a third of the tips that we send out resulting bonus bets back, the true prophet on turnover is actually going to be 25.74% plus 1/3 multiplied by the 20 percentage points difference which is actually 32.4%. If you’re following the cash and the bonus bet tips you’ll actually be winning at 32.4% which means you just need 31 $50 bets or 15 and a half $100 bets per week.

Step four is about sustainability. If all you do is belt promos then you will eventually get promo banned and the bookies want to see some sort of signs that you’re not just there to abuse promotions. That’s why we suggest a 50/50 split between promo and non-promo flow. This is where we explained a very simple method by which you can only lose 5.26% per bet. If you’re betting with a bookie over here on the plus and a bookie over there on the minus, you consistently lose at 5.26% so you’re not even risking anything, you are only paying a little bit of a donation. The second part is to spread your betting across bookies. Don’t hit SportsBet for two months in a row. Take them out for a few weeks, go over there, then go over there, and just mix it up. When you’ve got 20 to choose from, you might as well just spread it around and make them nervous that you’ve forgotten about them for four weeks and then come back and do some more. You’re able to, if you follow that, you’re able to just extend this for many years.

In summary, step one, get set up with your accounts. We have 18 bookies you can open up accounts with and we summarize the first deposit offers you can set up. It’s easy to get a quick start and build 200 up to 800 very quickly. Step two, work out your betting bankroll and then just use the 5% rule. Use those rules around bonus bets staking. Step three, is about turnover. The formula is fairly simple. Then it’s sustainability, 50/50 flow, spread your betting across bookies. Then the last question is, where did you get these three hours of time in? Well, if you’re having 32 bets, it takes you 4 minutes per bet. You know, a bit of prep before maybe you resulted afterwards. That’s two hours and eight minutes and then maybe there’s 52 minutes per week of just funding accounts and setting things up so that’s your three hours. It’s extremely doable and all the 400 members or so that we have at the moment, about 50% will basically follow this and they’ll make about $500 a week for the three hours of work. That’s it for me, I hope you enjoy the video and if you’ve got any questions, you can ask me on Telegram or email us. If you like the video on YouTube feel free to like it and subscribe to us. Cheers

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