How To Easily Boost Your Profits On Same Game Multis

by | 29 Apr 2022

Whether it’s football, basketball, or any other sports, same game multis offer an exciting way to engage with multiple aspects of a game and potentially increase your winnings. They open up plenty of profitable opportunities for sports bettors.

This not only adds excitement to your betting experience but also increases your chances of winning big. With the right strategy, you can use same game multis to increase your winnings and boost your bankroll.

Before diving into the details of how profitable they are, we’ll go over the fundamentals of same game multis, the maths behind it, and the optimal betting strategy to win more. 

The Basics of Same Game Multis

Same game multis, also known as Bet Builders or Same Game Parlays, enable bettors to create customised wagers using various betting markets within a single sporting event. Some examples of the kinds of betting markets you could combine include full-time results, goalscorers, assists, and more.

With same game multis, sports bettors can combine various legs or outcomes within a single match or event, allowing for different unique bet combinations. For instance, you can combine the First Goal Scorer bet with the Total Goals bet to create a unique combination.

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This flexibility enables you to tailor your bets to your specific predictions and strategies, making the betting experience even more personalised.

Things To Remember For Same Game Multis

Sports bettors should remember these key points when betting on same game multis:

  • All legs in the bet should win for the bet to win (generally applicable unless bookies have an ongoing promotion like Bonus Cash Backs)
  • Bookies have a limit on the number of legs in a same game multi bet which varies from bookie to bookie.
  • There are also limits on the odds which also vary by bookie.
  • SGMs will not increase in value if the legs have the same outcome. Additionally, legs that contradict each other cannot be placed within the bet.
  • If one market is voided, the entire bet is voided and your initial stake will be refunded.

The Math Behind Same Game Multis (With Examples)

Bookies calculate the odds for same game multis differently than other bets. They factor in their certain algorithms based on your unique odds. Let’s have a look at an AFL example below:

Example 1:

Brisbane To Beat Gold Coast (paying $4.30)

Joe Daniher (Brisbane) to kick 2+ goals (paying $3.20)

You’d think the same game multi odds would be $13.76 (4.30 x 3.20) but it could be around $10.02 or lower. The reason it would be lower than expected if Brisbane win is because a Brisbane player (Joe Daniher) would likely kick 2+ goals.

Therefore, bookies will subtract a certain amount for each outcome if they are in favour of another outcome. Bookies typically deduct the winnings of each favourable outcome between 25-50%, depending on the outcome. 

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Example 2:

Brisbane To Beat Gold Coast (paying $4.30)

Mabior Chol (Gold Coast) to kick 2+ goals (paying $3.20)

However, if you were to place a same game multi bet on outcomes that are less favourable than another bet, the total odds will be much higher. Let’s say you were to instead select that Gold Coast player Mabior Chol will kick 2+ goals.

Initially, the odds would’ve been around $13.76 but it could be around $17.01 or more. As opposed to Example 1, it is less likely that Mabio Chol would kick 2 goals and have Brisbane still win against Gold Coast compared to the first example.

The bookie increases the odds of each additional outcome that is less favourable to another outcome. The harder the bets are likely to happen, the higher the odds for your same game multis. Typically, bookies tend to increase the winnings of each unlikely outcome between 5%-75%. 

The Optimal Betting Strategy To Win More Same Game Multis

Now that you know the maths behind same game multis, you can better adjust your betting strategies around betting on non-favourable outcomes. The less correlated they are, the higher your odds will be.

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However, do keep in mind to ensure that the outcomes within your bet do not contradict each other. 

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