How Edge Alerter Became The Revolutionary Sports Betting Tipping System It Is Today

by | 23 Apr 2022

Betting has long been a favourite pastime for many Australians. With the advent of online betting and tipping services, over 4 million Australians are now betting on sports or racing.

Although betting is very popular in Australia, on average, Australians are the biggest losing gamblers in the world. Findings indicate an average loss per person of over $1,000 per year and only 0.5% of bettors being profitable long-term.

Even with the rise of online tipping platforms and the third-party services that claim to give bettors an edge, it’s been found that many of these platforms are often affiliated with betting agencies. They continue to misinform countless Australian bettors that use their services and make money off their failed wagers, with many of them claiming to be Australia’s best tipping service.

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The Man Behind Edge Alerter

Joonas Karppinen was a professional derivatives trader and former senior trader at the world’s largest online betting platform, Bet365. He became privy to shady deals and became aware of the insidious edge that bookies from other online betting agencies have over vulnerable people.

He then emerged with his own independently operated service, Edge Alerter. It aimed to disrupt the power dynamic the betting industry holds over its users and give bettors the edge over the bookies. 

He sought to make Edge Alerter a reliable tipping system to outsmart the bookies and help people create a viable side income for bettors while also educating them to be more informed investors.

With a cumulative 10 years of experience as a professional derivatives trader and as a senior trader at Bet365, Joonas found opportunities to outsmart bookies by developing a system that quantitatively analyses and identifies actually profitable opportunities within the offers that bookies use to attract customers. 

So far, Edge Alerter has proven itself with its successful track record, netting a market-leading 31% profit on turnover, the best of any Australian tipping service. 

Educational Tools And Empowering Bettors

Our sports betting tipping system provides the necessary educational tools that any prospective investor could use to elevate their skills as bettors and investors. They offer training on the game theory used in the betting industry and leverage the insider knowledge Joonas has acquired over the years. 

It gives me little hope for the credibility of the industry when 500,000 Australians seeking assistance with their betting are unknowingly being ripped off by services that either have no edge or are affiliated with the bookmakers,” Joonas explains.  

“The betting affiliate tipsters are specifically scandalous, as they’re typically on a 30% revenue share with the bookmakers on future losses of customers they refer, so they’re incentivised to tip losing bets. Over 250k Australians follow such services,” he adds.

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Transparency And Community 

With a fast-growing community of more than 500 loyal and successful members, Joonas has built Edge Alerter with the mindset of a Hedge Fund Manager. He strives to be as transparent and open with the community, continuously optimising the tipping system to see the best possible results for its users. 

“My background is in the traditional markets, having worked at Australia’s leading hedge fund and world-class quantitative trading firms. In that industry, transparency and a statistically significant track record of performance are first and foremost, and second to that is reputation,” Joonas says. 

In addition to helping hundreds of Australians create a side income, Joonas has said that the most rewarding part of running Edge Alerter is its educational component, which gives its members the confidence to approach betting more like professional traders. Edge Alerter’s sports betting tipping system uses numerical and statistical tools to make better-informed betting decisions, be more aware of cognitive biases, and be more capable of defining their edges.

We have a near 50/50 split in our community,‘ noted Joonas. ‘Half of the members are keen on pure profitable tips, and the other half not only want the profitable tips but also to learn about the principles behind them and how many of these techniques can translate to other areas like the traditional investment world too.

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