Horse Racing 101: Exploring the Different Kinds of Bets (Part 2)

by | 25 Mar 2022

In the exciting prospect of betting on horse racing, it would be easy to forget that there is more than just betting on the winner. There are many different kinds of bets that you can make on horse racing.

Some are easy to understand, but others take a little more research and know-how. We’re here to help you navigate through all the different kinds of bets so that you can make informed decisions when you make your next bet.

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1. First Four

The first four bets are a type of bet wherein you must predict the horses that will finish in the top four positions. If your selection is correct, you are rewarded with higher odds (and more money). First-four betting is often referred to as superfecta.

2. Duet

Duet bets are a type of bet that lets you bet on two horses, with the requirement that both of them finish in either first or second place. There are three separate payoffs within this type of wager: First-Second; First-Third; and Second-Third.

The payout for a successful duet bet is smaller than that of an exacta or quinella. Additionally, a duet has to include eight or more runners before it becomes available.

3. Running Double

This is a type of bet that requires you to pick two horses in the same race. If they finish first and second, you win double the original amount of your wager. If they finish first and third or second and fourth, you’ll still win your original bet back plus a small percentage of it (usually 5% or less).

4. Daily Double

A Daily Double is a type of bet that involves covering two races by making a wager on the third-last and final race of the day. Daily Doubles can be taken as a simple wager or with multiple selections in either leg. The cost of taking it this way will increase as more numbers are added to the mix.

The payout of a Daily Double is similar to the Running Double. It typically depends on the percentage of the full dividend you have taken and whether or not you have taken a fixed price double or wagered.

5. Treble

A Treble is a type of bet that requires punters to pick the winner of three races, typically the last three on the card. The winnings from each successful horse are rolled onto the next one, so you can build up a large profit. But if any of your horses lose, then it’s all over—the whole bet fails.

There is no limit to the number of choices you can make in each leg (dependent on field size); however, your total cost will be affected by how many horses you include.

6. Quadrella or Quaddie

A Quadrella or Quaddie is a type of bet where the aim is to pick the winner of four races at the same meeting. Quaddies work by participants betting into a pool and the money is divided up between the winning punters. This exotic betting option offers punters the chance to chase big returns—the more difficult it is to win, the bigger your payout.

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7. Box Bets

A Box Bet is a type of bet that allows you to group several horses together and then place a combination of Exactas, quinellas, or trifectas within that group. For example: if three horses are boxed together into one bet, placing an exacta on those three is effectively six bets in one!

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