Golf Bonus Bet Laying Strategy Performance Report

by | 3 Mar 2021

My background

I pursued a professional golf career in my earlier years, so I have a solid understanding of golf from a playing perspective. Golf is a really interesting sport to bet on in-play, as there are so many variables plus incomplete information, so having a deep understanding of the nuances of golf is important.

When I was at Bet365, I was the Head of In-Play golf for the Asian time-zone, and during that time I sat on the bookie side of the fence taking on the biggest golf bettors in the world. From the experience I learnt the tendencies of both sharp and mug betting flow, and importantly the way in which bookies react to this flow.

Once I left Bet365 to pursue my own start-ups, one of the biggest global trading firms offered to back my golf betting strategy for millions of dollars of investment, however, I told them that while the performance of my golf betting strategy was great from an ROI (return on investment) perspective, I wasn’t interested in them funding me as the system couldn’t scale in a way that could take on millions of funds under management.  

Background of the golf bonus bet strategy

Long term members will be aware of how common bonus bet tips are on the golf, and the key reasons why golf is extremely useful for bonus bet conversion are:

1. Since the fields are large, it’s relatively easy to find players in the $10-20 price range

2. There is significant price volatility in golf, which means a back and lay strategy is ideal.

3. Opportunity to back and lay multiple players.

4. Front ends of markets tend to be well under fair value.

Historically, the golf bonus bet tips convert bonus bets into cash at 93%, and if you had followed the golf bonus bet tips with cash you would have made 103% profit on turnover.

To-date, we’ve only ever results the golf bonus bet tips under the assumption that the bonus tips are simply backed, yet we often provide laying tips during the tournaments too when we get significant price firmers during the tournament (this is super common).

This report looks at how a member would have performed if they had not only followed all the golf bonus bet tips, but also followed the Betfair laying tips on those backed players.

The results are below.

Comments on performance

Since golf is primarily used for the purposes of bonus bet conversion, the headline figure to pay attention to is the 124.3% conversion of bonus bets into cash. This is quite an impressive figure, and remember we assume just a 90% conversion of bonus bets to cash in our Profit Worms.

That additional 34 percentage points of profit on turnover translates to an extra $255 profit per week for Platinum racing members (on average there are 12 bonus bets back per week, which at $50 per bonus bet is $600 of bonus bets, and 34% of $750 is $204).

Given this success, we’ll continue to provide members with more golf bonus bet tips AND laying opportunities. To be prepared for the laying side, you’ll obviously need a funded Betfair account but we also suggest having Ghost VPN ready (it costs around $10/month) so that you can VPN to New Zealand in order to bet in the run on Betfair (betting in-play from Australia requires you to call Betfair, but using a VPN is a great work around).

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