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The Edge Alerter system was created by a derivatives trader and former bookmaker based in Sydney. It has never had a losing month and averages a profit of 30% on turnover.

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The Profit Worm is going from strength to strength. A system that works. Edge Alerter has made a profit for members every month since inception.





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The true genius behind Edge Alerter is the proprietary racing model that uses last minute price fluctuations to identify value, because:

Margin: Bookmakers have the lowest margin (i.e. the most competitive pricing) just before races jump, so there is the most value then.

Predictive edge: Last minute price fluctuations have the most predictive edge since it takes a significantly higher volume of bets to move prices just before the jump.

Staying under the radar: 90% of the betting volume on races is within 5 minutes of races starting, so by betting in the last minute our tips are lost in a wash of other bets. This helps protect the accounts of members.

Telegram signals

Our racing model identifies the value around terribly underpriced horses, and we send signals to our members on Telegram who place bets accordingly.

Sport promotion tips

Our sport promotion tips utilise early payout offers and SGM promotions to minimise risk and maximise return. Historically the tips win at 23% profit on turnover.

Education and tools

We teach you how to identify edge, use Betfair for risk management, convert bonus bets into cash, how to stay under the radar from bookmakers and more.

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  • FEB 2, 2021

Prop Trading, Sports Trading & Edge Alerter

Joonas is a former prop trader, bet365 sports trader, crypto trader and founder of Edge Alerter. Listen to the podcast on your favourite platform below.

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