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What you get in the 7-Day Betting Accelerator?

PART 1: Exclusive education program


Day One

Getting started – The opportunity and the system


Day Two

The bookies landscape, how they price the markets and how they make money


Day Three

How bookies profile customers and how to game the system


Day Four

How to optimise stake sizing and the pitfalls of other tipping services


Day Five

Key tools for intermediate to advanced bettors


Day Six

How to use bonus bets and psychology of risk and return


Day Seven

Summary of all key lessons and where to from here



PART 2: Receive a Free 7-Day Trial of Edge Alerter’s algorithm-based tipping service

Receive all the tips our paid members get, directly to your phone, and experience the Edge Alerter advantage risk-free.

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*returns are based on $50 units

Joonas Karppinen
Founder & CEO

Masters in Quantitative Finance University of Sydney
Professional Derivatives Trader 5+ years
Senior Trader at Bet365 5 years
Founded Edge Alerter in 2019

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