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Edge Alerter’s algorithms use price and volume data to give You The Edge over the bookmakers

How it works


The highest profit on turnover of any Australian tipping service

We’re so confident in our system that we publish ALL our results in real-time for anyone to see. Check it out for yourself.

*returns are based on $50 units

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How Edge Alerter outsmarts the bookies

Edge Alerter is a system that identifies value in racing and sport promotions, through algorithms that monitor price and volume data.

Members then receive these alerts in real-time, whenever opportunities of greater than 30% profit on turnover are identified.

Unlike other sports tipping services that claim to have inside knowledge, are affiliated with the bookmakers, or have no proven track record, Edge Alerter uses a 100% quantitative approach that was developed by a professional Derivatives Trader and former Bet365 Senior Trader.

We know that only 0.5% of bettors beat the bookies long term however, Edge Alerter members are empowered with the education they need to beat the bookies in Australia.

No intuition, no emotion, just cold hard maths.

A Personalised Path to Sustainable Income

Introducing Your Edge

Edge Alerter isn’t just a sports betting tipping company in Australia. We also provide you with knowledge, tools, and resources to help you fish for yourself and find the edge.

After signing up on our website, you will become our esteemed member. It’s time for you to start receiving real-time alerts, tailored betting advices, tips and knowledge you need to beat the bookies.

As your betting knoweldge, confidence, and bankroll grows we continue to build on the advice to help you grow your earnings.

The simple steps to beating the Bookmakers

Sign up to a free trial

Sign up to a 7 day free trial to see how the service works and start receiving the same tips our members receive. You’ll also receive free educational resources and strategies to maximise first deposit bonus offers.

Identify the Edge
Our algorithms analyse last minute price fluctuations to identify when bookmakers offer significant edge to our members in sport and racing promotions.
Receive alerts via Telegram
When an edge of over 30% (profit on turnover expectancy) is identified, Edge Alerter will let you know the bookmaker, race/game, and horse/team to back, and you simply place the bets.
Improve your betting IQ
In addition to the algorithm generated tips, we provide you with a library of calculators, articles, guides, and insights to give you the tools to fish for yourself. All at no extra cost!

What’s included in the free trial?

Our free trial is intended to help you get accustomed to how Edge Alerter works.

We’ll set you up with a starter guide and then you’ll receive premium level algorithm-generated tips on racing, sports and bonus bets absolutely free of charge for 7 days.

Place as many or as few bets as you want and at the end of the week you can decide if you’re interested in signing up to a membership option and getting access to our library of resources.


  • 40+ racing tips
  • 6 Sport bonus bet tips
  • 12 Racing bonus bet tips
  • Quick Start Guide


Is this legal?
Yes, it is 100% legal as long as you are a resident of Australia and are at least 18 years old.
What does Edge mean?
Edge is defined as the expected % value in a bet. For example if a bet has an edge of 30%, this means that placing a $100 bet has an expected profit of $30.
What happens if there is no Edge?
If at least 30% of edge is not identified in a race, members will be sent a message saying “No signal”.
Why do I have to sign up to Telegram?

All tips are shared through this secure messaging app so our members remain anonymous and the bookies can’t identify you as being part of a sharp betting service.

What makes you different from other Tipsters?
  1. The tips are purely based on calculations by our algorithms with no human opinions or biases.
  2. The system is proven to win at a market-leading profit on turnover rate of 31%.
  3. Edge Alerter isn’t affiliated with any bookmakers (never uses affiliate links).
  4. Edge Alerter members get access to proprietary tools and education created by Joonas, a former Bet365 Senior Trader and Professional Derivatives Trader, helping members approach betting like a professional trader.
How much profit can I make using Edge Alerter?
This purely comes down to how much betting volume you can get set for. As an example, Platinum racing members get an average of 40 racing tips per week. If betting $50 units, this results in an expected profit of $600 given the 30% edge multiplied by $2,000 of turnover. Since there are over 10 bookmakers offering significant amounts of promotions it’s quite easy to scale this 2-3x and beyond.
Why do all the tips come in the last minute?

There are 3 reasons for this:

Firstly, bookmakers have the lowest margin (i.e. the most competitive pricing) just before races jump, so there is the most value then.

Secondly, last minute price fluctuations have the most predictive edge since it takes a significantly higher volume of bets to move prices just before the jump.

And lastly, 90% of the betting volume on races is within 5 minutes of races starting, so by betting in the last minute our tips are lost in a wash of other bets. This helps protect the accounts of members.

Do you have pricing options just for sport?

Yes, check out all our options on our pricing page.

Do I have to bet on every tip?
Absolutely not. The way to think about it, is in terms of expected profit on turnover. Our system generates a profit on turnover of 30% which has been proven over the long term, which means that for every $50 bet you make the expected profit is $15. By extension, if you have 20 x $50 bets the expected profit is $300.
Can I buy more tips?

Yes, you can buy more tips and other extras via our pricing page.

Do you offer Matched Betting?

No. We follow a Statistical Arbitrage approach and not Matched Betting. We have a great article that explains this in more detail.

Does the algorithm ever get it wrong?
Anything can happen in an individual race or match but over time, our system consistently pays out 31% profit on turnover.

Joonas Karppinen
Founder & CEO

Masters in Quantitative Finance University of Sydney
Professional Derivatives Trader 5+ years
Senior Trader at Bet365 5 years
Founded Edge Alerter in 2019

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