Five Key Factors To Keep In Mind When Betting On A Football Team

by | 18 Mar 2022

Every tipster and punter has their go-to method when it comes to betting on football. Some will follow their gut feelings, others strictly follow the statistics, while others will just watch the games and enjoy them without considering who to bet on; these are also known as the “casuals”. There is no “right” way to bet on football.

Regardless of what method or guide you use to make your selections, there are a few things and things you should keep in mind when you’re getting into football betting:

1. Match Fixtures 

Team matchups are one of the most important things to consider when betting on football. For example. you place your bets on Manchester United in the English Premier League. You got the likes of Varane, Casemiro, and Rashford. You understand these players are great performing players.

However, despite the greatness of these players, the team somehow loses against West Ham and Brighton. It could be the opposing team’s preparation and strategy against Man United’s attacking front. It could also depend on the formation that the opposing team used.

Another thing to keep in mind when you’re betting on football is to consider if the team is up against its rivals. Typically, rival teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona tend to know each other’s tactics and strategies all too well. While this makes the game more exciting, it can make it harder to figure out the outcome of football betting.

Regardless of the factors, even the best teams in the league have bad matchups with other teams in the league. Thus, looking at your team’s match fixtures can allow you to make better-informed decisions on your bets.

2. Club Standing 

One of the best tips to consider when you’re into football betting is to observe the team’s club standing. The club’s standing is an important indicator of a team’s overall performance in their league/division. 

For example, if you take a look at the Premier League’s tables, you can see whether the team you’re betting on has been winning or losing. You can also quickly identify if the team you’re betting on is on a winning streak or a losing streak like Manchester City and Southhampton respectively. 

Along with the match fixtures, keeping a keen eye on the club’s standing when you’re football betting can help you more likely understand the outcome.

3. Team Chemistry 

Another particular factor to consider is the team’s chemistry. The team’s chemistry defines how well a team can play together. How great a player performs on his own is one thing, but how great a team works together is an entirely different thing. 

For example, Bayern Munich and Dortmund are primarily comprised of German players, specifically players on the national team. This means that they have played with each other before and have great chemistry with each other in terms of communication. Knowing this can help give you an edge in football betting. 

Nationality is one of the many factors that can affect team chemistry. However, the bottom line is that players who know each other can work together better compared to teams comprised of players that do not know each other.

4. Player Performance 

A player’s performance is one of the key factors that affect the outcome of football betting. This is especially important for players who have important positions. If the goalkeeper is underperforming, the opposing team is more likely to score a goal. On the other hand, if the striker or winger is performing excellently, they are more likely to score the goal for the team. 

Taking the player’s performance into account should be one of the key factors that you should keep in mind when you’re participating in football betting.

5. Manager/Coach 

A solid team with great players can only perform to the best of their abilities if they have great management. The manager makes the big decisions for the team like transferring or loaning players. The coach is in charge of ensuring the team’s capability to perform and coming up with formations and strategies for the team. 

A team is only as good as its leaders. As such, keep an eye on the manager’s decisions or the coach’s tactics in various sports news/articles. This way, you can better understand the direction of the team to help you in football betting.

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