Background of the Founder

I’m Joonas, the founder of Edge Alerter. My background is in quantitative finance and in bookmaking, having worked as a derivatives trader at leading quantitative trading firms for over 5 years and at Bet365 for over 5 years, and I’ve also been a successful bettor for over 10 years.

Summary of the System

I’ve created the Edge Alerter system to help people make a significant tax-free side income for themselves for 2-8 hours of work per week by betting on the best value racing and sport promotions offered by bookmakers. It’s also quite a lot of fun. You’ll be guided on everything you need to do including: 1. How to open new accounts to maximise the chances of getting free bonus bet deposit bonues; 2. What to bet on and with which bookies; 3. How to use bonus bets efficiently in order to turn them into cash; 4. Tactics to make your accounts look like those of “mug punters” to bookies in order to maximise the lifetime of your accounts; 5. Strategies that allow you to scale up the strategy to make significantly more cash from the system while managing risk diligently.

The Horse Racing Model

I’ve developed a horse racing model which finds the best value horses to back in races when bookmakers offer bonus bets back for 2nd and 3rd. This is the most common promotion offered by bookmakers for two reasons:

  1. Bettors struggle to find value horses to back;
  2. Bettors are only able to extract an average of 30% from the value of bonus bets.

The racing model uses last minute price and volume data to identify the best value horses to back during these promotional races. The reason it uses the data just before races start are:

  1. Margin: Bookmakers have the lowest margin (I.e. the most competitive pricing) just before races jump, so there is the most value then.
  2. Predictive Edge: Last minute price fluctuations have the most predictive edge since it takes a significantly higher volume of bets to move prices just before the jump.
  3. Staying Under the Radar: 90% of the betting volume on races is within 5 minutes of races starting, so by betting in the last minute our tips are lost in a wash of other bets. This helps protect the accounts of members.

Members get sent these tips on a Telegram group whenever the model generates “signals” for big edge. These come in the last 5 minutes before races jump.

Racing Strategy Historical Results

Since launching in May-2019 the system has made an average of $815 profit per month with no losing months. In June 2020 we launched the Platinum membership which gives racing tips every day, and the first month was a huge month of profit as can be seen below.

Note: The above results assume $50 bet per race. Since there are numerous bookmakers offering these weekly racing promotions it is relatively easy to scale the model to make 2-3 times more profit. Premium members get shown how.

The Sport Models

We also have models that work out the best combination of bookmaker sport promotions to use to maximise profit and minimise risk. Historically the NRL and AFL strategies have been the most profitable. Below are the results from the sport strategies.

Membership Options

As can be seen below, the expected profit per month is a large multiple of the cost per month. There is also a weekly payment option available which is simply the monthly cost divided by four, meaning:


  • Platinum is $50/week;
  • Premium is $25/week;
  • Basic is $12.50/week.

Notes about Platinum membership inclusions:

  • Daily racing tips: Members also get a schedule sent to them each morning so they can plan their day.
  • 15 bonus bet tips: These tips convert bonus bets into cash at 90%.
  • Bonus bet calculator: Access to a bonus bet calculator which allows members to efficiently churn bonus bets into cash on their own.
  • Profit and Loss Simulator: Access to a simulator which shows you the mathematics behind how to optimise stake sizing.
  • New account deposit bonus tips: Learn how to maximise free bonus bet offers for when you open new accounts. This is free money!
  • Account longevity training: Learn the system that makes bookmakers think you’re a “mug punter” and therefore maximise the long term value of your accounts.
  • Betfair optimisation training: Learn how to use Betfair as a risk management tool to optimise your betting.
  • Scaling system training: Learn how to scale up the strategy to make 2-10x more cash by betting on multiple accounts while managing risk in the meantime.

Final thoughts

There is a great opportunity in this next 12-18 months to make a significant tax free side income from this system before the bookmakers realise that there is smart money (like ours) taking away millions of dollars from the bookmakers.

Jump on for the ride!

If you have any questions message us on Facebook (@edgealerter) or message me personally on Telegram using the @Joonas57 handle.


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