Betting on the Winning Margin in Sports

by | 13 May 2022

What is a Winning Margin?

The winning margin of a game is the number of goals or points by which the winning team triumphs. In win margin betting, a bettor places a wager (or multiple wagers) on the specific margin by which a team wins or loses.

For example, in a rugby match, the winning margin could be the number of points by which one team defeats the other. If Team A defeats Team B by a score of 24-10, the winning margin would be 14 points because Team A won by 14 points.

The winning margin can vary significantly from sport to sport. Bettors have the opportunity to place bets on different winning margin options offered by bookmakers, such as betting on whether a team will win by a small margin, a specific number of points, or a larger margin.

Popular Sports with Win Margin Betting Markets

Win margin betting works best on a few popular sports, typically ones that have high-scoring games and tighter margins.

1. Football

Since football games can end up with a wide range of scorelines, often ranging from one team just squeaking a win by one goal to one team winning by many goals, the margin for the winning team can vary greatly. This provides a range of outcomes for bettors to place their bets on and potentially cash in.

 2. Basketball

In basketball, scoring is frequent and high, so there are likely more possible winning margin outcomes than in many other sports. Even when you expect a certain result, there are many twists and turns wherein a team can make unexpected comebacks.

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 3. Rugby

Rugby teams can score multiple points with different scoring techniques such as tries, conversions, and penalties, meaning that even the slightest changes in the scoreline can make a big difference in margins.


Strategies and Tips for Predicting a Winning Margin

Winning margin betting involves predicting the margin by which a team will win a match, and it can be an exciting way to add another layer of excitement to your betting experience. Here are some strategies to help improve your chances of winning in margin betting:

Study team dynamics

Understanding the play style and strategies of each team is important in predicting the winning margin of a game. Some teams may prefer a more offensive approach, while others may focus on defense. Take note of injuries, suspensions, or any other factors that could impact a team’s performance.

Pick a close fight

Tighter matches make for smaller margins, which are more likely to predict right. When both opposing teams have similar performances and odds of winning, 

Find recent game trends

Do your research and pay attention to a team’s recent performances. This can help determine the outcome of a game. Maybe the team has made consistent wins with tight matches, or maybe they have been losing by a large margin. 

Set realistic expectations

Don’t chase unrealistic margins. While it can be tempting to aim for big wins, remember that predicting exact margins can be challenging. Instead, look for opportunities where you have a higher level of confidence.

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Pros and Cons of Win Margin Betting

Like any type of bet, win margin betting has its own pros and cons, so it’s important to weigh them out to make informed decisions.


  • No need to predict the winning team
  • High reward even for smaller stakes
  • Better odds compared to other betting markets


  • Higher risk for higher reward
  • Predictions may be more challenging


In conclusion, win margin betting offers an exciting and unique opportunity for sports bettors to enhance their betting experience. However, proper research, analysis, and understanding of the sport are crucial for making accurate predictions, just like any other bet.

Win margin betting adds an exciting dimension to sports betting, making each game a thrilling and unpredictable adventure.

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