The Best Bookies in Australia Survey

by | 28 Oct 2022

We surveyed 500 Edge Alerter members and also utilised all the feedback we get from members to rank the bookies in Australia on 6 key criteria.

Criteria 1: First deposit offers
The bookies are not allowed to promote first deposit offers to non-customers (legislation changed 5 years ago), but the bookies can still offer deposit offers to their existing customers. The best strategy for extracting these is to open an account but not deposit any cash, and then the bookies often offer a first deposit offer within the first 48 hours. $100 deposit offers are very common, and many even offer $200+. This is free money and a nice way to build up an initial betting bankroll. This criteria rates the size and likelihood of being offered a good first deposit offer.

Criteria 2: Promotions
The betting industry has never been more competitive, with over 30 active online bookies in Australia. The number 1 strategy they use to acquire and retain customers is through promotional offers, mainly racing promotions (bonuses back for 2nd and 3rd) and same game multi promos (bonus back if one leg fails).
This criteria rates the overall edge in the promotions offered by each bookie.

Criteria 3: Promo sustainability
Having a good volume of promotions promoted by the bookies is one thing, but it’s of limited value to customers if the bookies ban customers from promotions after limited betting on the promotions. While there are strategies that Edge Alerter members learn that increase the lifetime value of betting accounts, this criteria rates the bookies on their relative likelihood of promo banning.

Criteria 4: Pricing
This criteria is primarily about the margin the bookies quote in their markets. Bookies with low scores in pricing mean that there is often 2-5% less edge in those bookies simply because their odds are worse (shorter). It’s worth noting that bookies using the Bet Makers whitelabel platform often have much more margin in their pricing (I.e. worse odds).

Criteria 5: User experience
We define user experience as what the experience is like using the app and website, from the standpoint of getting bets on quickly, ease of navigation, and reliability of the platform overall.

Criteria 6: Customer support
This criteria is simply about how responsive customer support is with resolving issues and answering queries.

Survey Data and Rankings (Rated 1-5 on 6 criteria)
1= very poor, 2= poor, 3= average, 4= good, 5= excellent

best bookies in australia survey

Comments on the Research

  1. There have never been more bookies offering great promos.
  2. Any bookies with at least a 2 rating for first deposit offer, are offering most punters a first deposit offer of at least $100 if you open an account and wait up to 48 hours.
  3. For members who are keen to maximise the lifetime value of their accounts, it’s best to not take more than 50% of the promos that an individual bookie offers each week.
  4. If you’d like to scale up the system and get on with multiple bookies automatically, message our trading team on @edgealerter and we’ll give you more info.
  5. Bet Deluxe owns Bet Nation, and Ladbrokes owns NEDS. Best to not hit bookies with same owner at the same time.
  6. Statutory declaration threats: We’ve heard feedback from numerous members that some of the smaller bookies sometimes claim that punters are breaching their terms and conditions and freeze all the profits in the account and just return the original deposit. Some of these bookies require the punter to sign a statutory declaration warranting that the punter isn’t breaching any Ts&Cs which can be quite intimidating. If you’re in fact just betting on your own account and receive one of these messages from a bookie, email us at and we’ll let you know what your options are, as that behaviour by the bookies is completely illegal.
  7. The Bet Makers whitelabel software solution is used by the following bookies. They claim to not data share but we’re not 100% sure about that:
  • Bet Deluxe
  • Bet Nation
  • Betr
  • Crossbet
  • Tex Bet
  • Z Bet
  • Picnic Bet
  • Real Bookie
  • WishBet

If you have any questions, you can message us on Telegram on @edgealerter or email us on

Joonas (Founder of Edge Alerter)

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